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We're folks from Maya Design, Viz, and assorted other places. We row on Tuesdays at 7:15 p.m.


Carl Angiolillo
moc.s4cdg|olliloigna.lrac#moc.s4cdg|olliloigna.lrac 617-721-9648
Maureen Bires

Rowing Schedule

Useful Links

Rowing Terminology.pdf
Directions to Lambert Boathouse at Washington's Landing
Directions to Millvale Training Facility
TRRA Summer Corporate Rowing League

Team Roster

  • Carl Angiolillo
  • Maureen Bires
  • Josh Cauvel
  • Beth Friel
  • Cristin Higgins
  • Chris Horn
  • Rachel L Kopper
  • Amy Matzke
  • Jodi McLaughlin
  • Rick McMullen
  • Rob Smoker
  • Steve Spencer
  • Daniel Szecket
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