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The design contest is for the design on the front of the pre-shrunk $6 dollar shirt in one of 61 colors.
Each team can choose a color.
All the corporate logos will be on the back.

Program Shirt
A free shirt is also available, but they will be all the same colors and not available for another two months.

Design rules by Nils-WiseguysNils-Wiseguys, 05 Mar 2008 00:17
Re: Thursday 5:45 by Nils-WiseguysNils-Wiseguys, 05 Mar 2008 00:10

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Thursday 5:45 by Anonymous (96.235.15.x), 05 Mar 2008 00:05


This is the first post in the first thread in the first category in the first forum of the TRRA wikidot website.
I have nothing to add.

Welcome by Nils-WiseguysNils-Wiseguys, 04 Mar 2008 19:17
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