Captains Manual

Using the Wikidot page to communicate

The Wikidot page is editable by all captains and whomever else we feel needs access. The page is used to communicate line-ups, the dockmaster schedule and the cooking/cleanup schedule and a forum to communicate.

Accessing Wikidot the first time

  1. Click 'How to Join this Site' on the left (If you right-click, and select open in new window, you can keep this open for reference)
  2. Create a wikidot account by clicking 'create new account' on the bottom right
  3. You will need a screenname, a valid email, a password, and read the funny letters.
  4. Don't close the webpage, but somehow go check your email.
  5. Then enter the code that will be mailed to your valid email to activate your account.
  6. Now you have created a valid account on the wikidot website.
  7. Then you need to get access to this TRRA page. The easiest way is by the secret password that I sent you. You need to type it in the appropriate box.
  8. That's it. Now you can click on edit on the bottom of the page to make modifications.

Accessing Wikidot again

Once you have access to the webpage it is a simple matter of logging in (top right) and you can edit all the pages (edit button is on the bottom).
Feel free to look around and try new things. Click on 'View' to make sure what you changes looks like you wanted it to look.
Really messed it up? Click on 'History' on the bottom, and you can revert back to any of the previously saved versions of the webpage by clicking on the little R next to the version of your choice.

Updating your lineup

On the bottom of the webpage there is an +options button. After clicking it, an extra row of buttons appears, click on 'edit sections'. Now you can scroll up to the lineup section and click 'edit' on the right. A separate editing box opens up that allows you to edit the lineup in what is called a markup language, in this case using wiki syntax. It only allows regular text editing, without bold, underline etc. Instead it uses special symbols to do this formatting. Kind of like text messaging on your cellphone. Bold is done with ** around the word. Underline with __ around the word etc. You will find a lot of vertical bars which is the wiki syntax for a table. Find the right row and column and type in your team's lineup!
Click 'Preview' to check that you did it right, and 'save' to save it. Messed up after saving? Click 'history' and 'revert' back to an earlier saved version.

Accessing the manuals

There is a pulldown menu in the topright labeled 'Help' that has the captain's manual as a possible selection. That brings you to this page.

Accessing the forum

For communication that is more temporary of nature and does not suit well in the creating of tables or whatever on a permanent webpage, I
have created the forum. The dropdown menu on the topright labeled 'Forum' allows you to go to the forum or to review the latest posts.
This is probably a pretty good place to report extras for this week or if you are looking for a rower etc. Clearly this still needs to take shape
so that it works for all.

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